Standard Club Roping information

Next Roping dates: September 30th & October 1st, 2017
Email Dave Matuszak to reserve a spot. ( Ranch managers (Bill & Sandy)) phone: 909.798.3506
Roping schedule: Saturday 12-4 pm Sunday 8am-noon (Early get-away) Saturday starting time may be later to avoid the heat.
  • $100.00 per roper for both days (includes camping)
  • $50.00 per roper for one day
Saturday evening:
  • BBQ Bring your own BBQ, food, and drink. (No food will be supplied or sold.)
  • Bring your: best lies and war stories, poetry, guitar, banjo, harmonica, musical spoons, washboard, etc.
Saturday night camping: You must be self-contained: campers, RV, tents, bed rolls, etc. (Toilets and/or port-a-potty available.)
Overnight horse facilities:
  • You must supply your own feed.
  • You may tie to your trailer, picket line, etc.
  • Corrals will be available for $10.00 per night. (You must supply your own feed.)
Rain out: In the event that significant rain prevents safe roping, all registration moneys will be held and used for an alternate date.
Roping format: Ropings are an informal gathering of ropers to practice Californio style vaquero ranch roping.
The emphasis will be on sharing ideas, practicing new shots, and honing your ranch roping skills.Please note: Our ropings are not suited for first-time ropers and are not intended for riders to
learn roping from scratch. Our ropings are intended for ropers to take the next step to ranch roping.
Some prior roping experience is necessary. Novice ropers are welcome of any age, but they must
have sound horsemanship skills. All novice ropers must have a “break-away” rope.Ropers decide on the format.Possibilities include:

  • 3-man branding
  • 2-man doctoring
  • 1-man doctoring
  • spin board roping
  • reata roping
  • break-away roping for novices
  • …etc. All ideas will be considered.
Equipment requirements:
  • No rubber on the horn
  • No chain curb straps or tie-downs
  • No broken mouth shank bits or mechanical hackamores
  • Ropes must be 40 feet or longer
  • Authentic vaquero and/or buckaroo tack and attire are encouraged.

6 Responses to Standard Club Roping information

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  4. If I am up to it I will come after the EXCA event in Acton this Saturday, spend the night, and rope on Sunday.
    Also I was wondering if the picture utilized this website is appropriate. Would it not be a better example of healing with both rear hooves in the loop?

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  6. Buddy Montes says:

    Intrested in roping

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