David Matuszak, founder
Californio Ranch Roping Club

Elvin Walt, co-founder
Californio Ranch Roping Club

Jim Wold, co-founder
Californio Ranch Roping Club

Mike Tarrant, webmaster
Californio Ranch Roping Club

3 Responses to Contact

  1. Julie says:

    hey its julie i met you guys at RVR on sat may15, 2010

    and i was intrested in joining you guys.

    just wondering if you could send me more info and when the next ropin lessons are.


  2. Julie,
    The next roping is still in the planning stage. Once we have something put together it will get posted on here. We also have a yahoo email group that we use to communicate. I’ll send you an invite to join that and then you will get a email when we get something together.


  3. J. Ward Thompson says:

    I’m planning on the roping this weekend. We (Jim and I) may not get away until late Sat or early Sunday so may only have one day to rope.


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