Mission statement:

Californio Ranch Roping Club is dedicated to preserving the art of the Californio vaquero ranch-style roping. It is our intention to practice the traditional roping techniques of the Californio and to utilize their traditional reatas, bits, spurs, saddles, tack, gear, attire, and customs.

About the Californio:

Californio is a term used to describe early Alta California settlers during the mission period (1769-Secularization). The vaqueros of this period developed a distinctive style of roping and customs indigenous to the ranching terrain of southern and central California. These vaqueros were originally of Spanish descent. However, a shortage of Spanish vaqueros to work the expanding mission herds of cattle, led to the recruitment and training of Native American vaqueros in violation of Spanish law that prohibited Native Americans from handling horses. The customs of these original Californio vaqueros is best studied through the original art and writings of the mission period.

Preserving the Californio vaquero lifestyle:

Members of the Californio Ranch Roping Club enjoy preserving the vaquero lifestyle by practicing Californio ranch-style roping at weekend gatherings. Every effort is made to replicate the roping and horsemanship techniques practiced by the original Californio vaqueros. Particular emphasis is placed on utilizing authentic reatas, bits, spurs, saddles, tack, gear, attire, and customs. Weekend gatherings often include overnight camping where Californio customs and history are discussed around the campfire. Emphasis is placed on an enjoyable experience of like-minded ranch roping enthusiasts.

Newcomers are welcome of every ability level. Experienced ropers share their expertise with novices by demonstrating a wide variety of roping shots, i.e., side arm, over-head, Houlihan, scoop loop, roll over, etc. Gatherings are organized 4-6 times per year and are located in the southern California vicinity. For more information, contact us.

The Californio Ranch Roping Club is not affiliated in any way with  “The Californios” roping competition held in Reno, Nevada.

3 Responses to About

  1. Andres Pelaez says:

    Soy de Colombia quiero saber si hay alguien que hable español para comprar videos de clinicas de laso

  2. Is this a club with membership and you must join or is it open to all ropers. I have a new 8 acre horse facilities with a full size rope arena. And would like to consider hosting a gathering next spring. please contact me at 760-505-2334

  3. Mike says:

    No dues open to anyone. You should come out and rope with us the first weekend of December, we would love to have you.

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