Message from Dave

Californio Ranch Ropers,

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

Our inaugural gathering at Buffalo Meadows Ranch was an overwhelming success thanks to the hard work of Jim McDougall and Elvin Walt. Elvin and Jim led the way in setting up and breaking down panels as well as instruction in our break-a-way pen.

Thanks too to ranch managers, Bill and Sandy, for their organizational and set up work.

I will soon be contacting Sandy to schedule our next gathering. How does the weekend of June 17 & 18 sound, if it’s available? Let me know and I will try to nail down those dates.

Don’t forget Pete Taylor’s event on April 28th to 30th.

Until next time, happy trails,
Dave Matuszak


The Austel family demonstrate the art of ranch roping in the break-away pen at Buffalo Meadows Ranch.

Liz Austel

Liz Austel.4.9.17

“Big John” Austel

John Austel.4.9.17

Josh Austel

Josh Austel.4.9.17

Jake Austel

Jake Austel.4.9.17

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