Next club roping April 6th and 7th.

Californio Ranch Ropers:
Howdy! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.
Our next roping at Reed Valley will be April 6th & 7th. Please contact Don & Janet ASAP and confirm that you will be coming.
Happy trails,
Dave Matuszak
For those of you not on Facebook, the following is a recap of Bruce’s roping event in Santa Ynez last month. First of all, hats off to Bruce, and all those responsible for hosting a great event. Most of us were pleasantly surprised at the magnitude and quality of the first annual event and look forward to next year.
Photos can be seen at:
Our members and friends did particularly well at the event. Results:
Open Calf Branding:
1st Buddy Montes, Cody Real, Adrianne Cruz Won coustom headstalls donated and made by Fred Buckmaster with silver concho’s and buckles made by Richard Brooks from the C.B.A.

2nd,Christian Clews,Justin Reichert,John Hardesty Won Bruce Heaner bridle concho’s,donated by Bruce Heaner.

3rd,Barry Prosser,Lane Johnson,Wacey Kornemann won rein chains,made and donated by Richard Brooks.

Open Sort and Rope:
1st Jay Harney,Gene Roberts,Chris Burkmeyer won bridle concho’s made by Shawn Didyoung from the C.B.A.

2nd Weston Albrecht,Matt Goodson,Paul Bonnello won hand painted ties made and donated by Jeffrey Mundell.

3rd Pat Puckett,Deb Puckett,Enrique Loperena, won silver bit hangers built by Linda Doyle donated by Pairie Karen.

Open Alley Sorting
1st Jay Harney, Gene Roberts,Chris Burkmeyer won3 sets of Gary Wiggins bridle concho’s.

2nd Jim George, Lester Leslie, Jay Harney won three hand painted ties by Jeffery Mundell donated by Jeffery Mundell.

3rd Drew Mischianti,Natalia Estrada,Giulio De Donatis won 3 sets of Linda Doyle silver bit hangers donated by Prairie Karen.

Pro/Am Sort and Rope
1st Gil Camarillo, won silver mounted headstall made and donated by Cyndi N Greg Gomersall.

2nd Dave Matuszak,won 5/8ths mane hair macate donated by Jeff Stone and the C.B.A.

3rd Jeff Kadansky won Richard Brooks rein chains donated by Bruce Sandifer.

Pro/Am Alley Sorting
1st Peter Taylor won one set of Gary Wiggins bridle concho’s donated by Gary Wiggins.

2nd, J Kevin Jones won a pair of spur straps made and donated by Gordon Andrus.

3rd, Tammy Evens, won Silk wild rag donated by Buckaroo Brand and a collection of Juni Fisher CD’s bonated by Juni fisher.

Mixed/Ladies Sort and rope
1st Victor Cruz, Adrianne Cruz, won set of spurs each donated by Jeremiah Watt, JWP products.

Mixed/Ladies Alley Sorting
1st Buddy Montes,Laurie Montes,won two Beaver Valley Fiber Art Cinches made and donated by Dianne DeWeese.

2nd, Drew Mischianti,Natalia Estrada, 2 bosalitas donated by Bruce Sandifer.

3rd Mike and Darian Morgan.

Viejo Sort and Rope
1st Lester Leslie , Jay Harney won 2 sets of Gary Wiggins bridle concho’s provided by the C.B.A.

2nd Ken Dodds ,Kelly Bradford, won wild rags donated by Buckaroo Brand Wild Rags.

3rd Renee Duycaerts, Cam Shryver.

Viejo Alley Sorting
1st Ken Dodds Kelly Bradford.2 knives and sheaths from C.B.A.

Breakaway Roping
1st Mike Tarrant won braided honda made and donated by Aaron Dickerson.

2nd Jeff Stone

3rd Darian Morgan

Open Stock Horse Bridle
1st Robin Bond, won coustom built hat donated by Tom Hirt

2nd Matt Goodson

3rd Weston Albrecht

Open Stock horse two rein
1st Weston Albrecht won silver scarf slide made and donated by Tap’s Bit and Spur Shop,Mike Vatalaro.

2nd Dave Kay

3rd Brad Randall

Open Hackamore

1st Matt Goodson won hand painted silk tie by Jeffrey Mundell .

2nd Deb Puckett

Amateur Stock horse Bridle
1st Peter Taylor headstall made by Deb Puckett donated by Deb & Pat Puckett.

2nd Darian Morgan

3rd Britani Nelson

Amateur two rein
1st Mike Tarrant won git down rope by C.B.A.

2nd Anthony Borgatello

3rd Arlene Morgan

Amateur Hackamore
1st Courtney Meitz won a set of Trina Webers jail house stirrups donated by Kan
sas Saddlery Shannon Wrango and Tuffy Flagler.

2nd Glynna Hoekstra

3rd Elena Juarez

Ladies Stock horse bridle
1st Courtney Meitz won Wrango chap bag from Tuffy Flagler and Shannon Wrango from Kansas Saddlery.

Ladies Stock horse two rein
1st Arlene Morgan won bit bag from Kansas Saddlery

Ladies Hackamore
1st Deb Puckett

Top hand Open
Jay Harney won silver headstall by Linda Doyle donated by Linda Doyle.

Top Hand Amateur
Peter Taylor won rein and romals braided and donated by Bill Black Braiding.

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