Another one in the books

Californio Ranch Ropers:

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Our December roping went exceptionally well. The Saturday turnout was great and the Sunday turnout allowed us more than our fair share of roping. The weather was terrific, particularly warm for December. Of particular interest was the presence of Bruce Sandifer. After putting on his workshop on Friday, Bruce stayed through Sunday and roped with us. His guidance on the California way to gently handle cattle was inspiring. Thanks also to Jim McDougall, Elvin Walt, Ray Juarez, and Jim Wold for their help as well. Thanks again to Don and Janet Moore for hosting us. Janet, by the way, is looks great and is keeping up the good fight.

Many of us are heading up to rope in Bruce’s Californio Bridle Horse Association’s debut event in February at Santa Ynez. Hope you will join us. A date for our own April roping has not been set. Look for notification in the near future.

If you’re headed to NFR next weekend, stop by the “Cowboy Christmas” at the convention center to say hello. I’ll be signing the new vaquero edition of my Western movie book there Friday and Saturday.

Happy trails,
Dave Matuszak

RVR group 12 9 12

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