Message from Dave

Californio Ranch Ropers:

Howdy! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. I just returned from another summer in the Sierra Nevada and a trip to the Vaquero Fiesta. I had a great time both roping and spending time with many of the finest buckaroos in the West. Adrain put on a great concert Saturday night as well. There are plenty of photos floating around on Facebook and elsewhere online. This is one event that you should put on the calendar for next year. It’s always the first weekend of August. Anyone interested in breaking up the trip next summer, check with me. My summer place (with corral) is available for layover a few hours away.

Reminder to also put on your calendar our next Reed Valley roping: September 15th & 16th.

Look for the Reed Valley website to be updated as soon as the smoke clears–literally. Rough week at Reed Valley Ranch. 600 acres burned in the fire. No damage to structures, livestock, etc. More importantly, let’s keep Janet in our prayers. She developed some health concerns unrelated to the fire. Please give her a few days to regroup, then I suggest sending her get well notes.

Happy trails,

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