Reed Valley Ranch Rodeo report

Californio Ranch Ropers:

Howdy! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

Sorry for the delay in reporting the results of the Reed Valley Ranch Rodeo. I’ve had some difficulty obtaining the official results and gathering photos of the event. Thanks to the efforts of Wendy Pulley we have videos to share in the addition of photos.

If you were unable to join us on Saturday March 31st at the 1st annual Reed Valley Ranch Rodeo, you missed a wonderful event. Thanks to Don & Janet Moore, we had the opportunity to participate in a traditional Californio rodeo. The ranch roping format followed the traditional California tradition of a rodeo. The original California rodeo was a gathering and branding. Roping rules simulated the roping skills performed during those original rodeos. Three different divisions were offered: novice, intermediate and open. Fifteen teams competed and a good time was had by all. We are all looking forward to supporting their efforts and to help them build on their first attempt at a ranch rodeo. We look forward to helping them promote the event into one of California’s premier ranch roping competitions.

The results of the competition are as follows:

Intermediate Division:
1st Place:  Gil Camarillo, Dave Matuszak & Dave Jeffers
2nd Place: Gil Camarillo, Dave Jeffers & Vanessa
3rd Place: Dave Jeffers, Vanessa & Dave Matuszak

Open Division:
1st Place:  Victor Cruz , Enrique Loperena & Fabian Banderas
2nd Place: Victor Cruz, , Gil Camarillo & Enrigue Loperena

On Sunday the club met for their informal roping. Thanks as usual to Elvin, Vic, and Jim for their advice and roping tips.

Our tech guru, Mike Tarrant, is busy working out a format to post Wendy’s videos. The 3 three videos will demonstrate one team competing and will document the 3-cow procedure for roping and tying down the cows. Look for them and some photos soon.

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