About the Reed Valley Ranch Competition.

Californio Ranch Ropers:

Howdy, Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

The 1st Annual Reed Valley Ranch Rodeo is two weeks from today, Saturday March 31st. It has come to my attention that most of you are having difficulties firming up your teams for the roping. We have a good number of ropers planning to attend, but as of today, no pre-registered teams. The pre-registration deadline is next Friday, March 23rd.

Consequently, Don is having problems planning on cattle numbers. It is very important that everyone planning on attending contact Don & Janet this week to at least commit to attending. It would help also to give him the number of teams you hope to rope with. You need not submit your team until the morning of the event.

If an unusually high number of last minute participants show up on the event morning and Don does not have sufficient cattle, team entries will be drastically reduced and capped.

Let’s all help out Don & Janet by letting them know early if we are attending.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon,
Dave Matuszak

Reed Valley Ranch

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