Message from Dave

Dear Californio Ranch Ropers,

A late Happy New Year to all of you! Hope all is well in your neck of
the woods.

Our December roping went very well. We had a good mix of new and
returning and ropers. Special thanks to Elvin Walt, Jim McDougall and
Vic Cruz for sharing their expertise. And, of course, thanks to Don &
Janet at Reed Valley Ranch for having us.

Of particular interest is the time spent learning to rope front feet
in a 3-man format. Both the Descanso and Alturas Ranch Rodeos have
gone to this format. (No tailing a cow down by the 3rd man.) We will
continue to practice this at our April roping in order to prepare for
future competitions.

Please mark your calendars with our next roping. The dates will be
April 16th &17th. Please reserve your spot ASAP because, as usual,
space will be limited by skill level.

A Jack Eary roping clinic will be announced soon. And we are looking
forward to another ranch rodeo at Reed Valley in the near future.


Dave Matuszak

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