Ranch Roping Maricopa, Arizona. 20 March 2011.

Dick Overturf will be having a roping clinic and competition in March Here is the text of his email with some details:

Hi to all ranch ropers

We had a good turn out for the first ranch roping and branding
competition ever held here at 49735 W. Mockingbird Lane, Maricopa, Arizona.

We weren’t sure who would show up
after putting up panels for an arena and bringing in sand, etc. (just a couple of weeks before).

Last Sunday there were 14 teams in the 3-man doctoring and seven teams signed up
to compete in the 3-man branding. We also had folks from the community come to watch.

Our next roping is tentatively planned for Sunday, 20 March 2011.
Books open at 9:00 am. Judge’s meeting in the arena at 10:10 (to go over
rules and answer questions). We’ll start roping at 10:30.

You can come in early and park/camp for free in the adjoining empty 3-acre lot (west of the arena) or
if you need hookups, call me and we’ll take care of you. Pay whatever you feel is fair
for hookups. The judge will be Dan Moyer

Dan will conduct another 2-day roping clinic on 18-19 March, including going over
3-man, 2-man and 1-man doctoring. All levels welcome to sign up for the clinic. Just call me for details and to sign up.
Something we’re going to add this time to the clinic is Dan will explain the different treatments for sick cattle/calves
while doctoring them, i.e. what you use to treat scours, pink-eye, hoof rot, etc., proper dosage, location for injections,

On 20 March the entry fee will be $30 to rope each time. The cattle fee will be $20 (covers all events for the day).
Note: We’re trying our best to keep all fees as low as possible for those working cowboys out there,
so they can afford to come here and maybe win some money to get back to the ranch.

The judge and audience will be looking for the same things as last time, i.e. teamwork, horsemanship, handling the stock in an easy
manner, keeping rodear, your roping abilities, going for the shots that naturally set themselves up, using your
horses to lay the critter down easy, etc.

We’ll have a caterer and porta-potties next time, and hopefully a few sponsors as well. For those of you who were
here last Sunday and have an idea on how to make our next roping better, send me an email with your suggestions.

On a final note: Dan Moyer and I are putting on a branding clinic on the 2 Standing D Ranch in Montana this spring.
The dates are 2-3 May 2011. We’ll go slow and after finishing about 125 calves, with students expected to do everything from
dragging calves to the fire, to all aspects of ground work, we plan to take our crew either to the ranch I work for or a
different ranch, and the students will no longer be considered students, but part of the branding crew.
We’re trying to get the dates back-to-back, so we can go from the clinic dates of
2-3 May to the second ranch for 1 or 2 more days of branding. This will give everyone plenty of time
to get to the Californios Ranch Roping and Stock Horse Contest at Reno, which will be a week on 13-15 May 2011.

If you know of someone who wants to learn how to rope calves at a branding (we’ll head and heel and two-hock
calves to the fire and demonstrate how a Nord fork is used as well), let me know.

Dick and Sidne Overturf – hosts here in Maricopa, Arizona
(Branding location in Montana in May will be near Yellowstone Park)
Phone: 406 425 0744

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