Update: Reed Valley Ranch Rodeo

I grabbed this off of the Reed Valley Ranch website:

Reed Valley Ranch Rodeo
Sanctioned by the WSRRA
Dates: June 26 & 27th 2010

WSRRA membership cards are $25 and it is not manditory you have one, but if you don’t, your points will not count towards the world championships.

4 man teams if there are 2 members of a team that are over 50 that team will qualify for the Sr. division.


  • ranch team roping
  • team branding
  • team doctoring
  • 2 men in the steer stopping

Single events are women’s steer stopping and working ranch horse.

After the short round finals on Sunday there will be a five card poker roping that will pay a bunch!

Contact: Greg Robinson [email: slide65@yahoo.com]

Info and rules

Order of rodeo:

Saturday: 1)Steer stopping, 2)Slick horn team roping, 3)Doctoring, 4) Branding

Sunday: 1)Working Ranch Horse, 2) Women’s steer Stopping, 3) Poker roping

Register 9 AM each day, Start time 10 AM each day


Team Roping

2 members will enter the arena and when set will nod to the gateman on the other end of the arena and the steer will be turned loose. Walk, jog or lope to the steer and head and heel it. When the ropes come tight and the horses face, the time stops.

Head loop must pass over the head, one front leg in the loop is legal. If you rope the steer too deep the heeler may head the steer and deep rope must be stripped off and a new heel loop thrown to catch the hinds. Roping only 1 leg is a 5 second penalty.

Each team gets a total of 2 steers. 3 loops per steer.


2 men up roping, 2 ground men. Ropers head and heel steer, ground crew must tail down the steer and set the feet. Meaning front and back legs. Then the steer must be branded in the proper place and turned loose. Ropers then repeat this with their next steer. After they have 2 head branded they must dismount and the ground crew will then mount and go rope 2 head and repeat the process. Time ends when all cattle are branded, ropes are off cattle and all members are back in the branders circle.


Team will be instructed as to which steer they must rope out of the herd. Time will start when team crosses the line and heads for the cattle. Walk, jog or lope. Team will sort out designated steer and push it out past the center line. Steer must not be headed before crossing the line. If any other cattle cross with your steer they must be turned back over the line before you can head the steer. Head and heel the steer, 1 or 2 members may dismount and tail down the steer. Set all 4 feet in the ropes and then paint mark the steers face. Time ends when marker throws hands in the air. 5 loops per calf.

Steer Stopping

Each team member will, one at a time enter the arena, get set and call for their steer which will be turned out on the other end of the arena. Walk, jog or lope to the steer. Head the steer, dally and make the steer face. Steer must actually face before flagger will stop the clock! Each team will get 4 steers and there is a 2 loop per steer maximum.

Side Notes.

No tie downs, draw reins or martingales. Any length rope is legal.

Any other questions contact Greg Robinson at 619-438-4069

Directions: Follow the directions on the ranch website: www.reedvalleyranch.com

***Do not follow GPS or any other digital map!!!!! It will send you the wrong way!

Travel time: Whatever you figure your travel time, add 30 minutes for the dirt road. Closest service station is 20 miles so get fuel before coming to the ranch.

Ranch manager (Don) phone: 951.581.4866

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